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Boy you are a tough cookie but I’m glad we are benefiting end of it though!

We appreciate you. Thanks a bunch.

Amelia, Buyer, Encino

The one word I would use to describe Taunee is Aggressive.

She is the type of person who is consistently seeking to improve, learn and grow and help others around her to do the same. She is passionate about helping others with their Money and Finance. I refer co-workers to her because I know she will take care of them and put them first before commission.

Sean Bridgewater

When my wife and I decided to use Taunee English as our real estate agent we had been looking at houses for quite some time on our own.

We interacted with many real estate agents during this time. When we met Taunee we were impressed with her ‘go getter’ attitude. We eventually decided to work with her, and her partner, Rachel, and we are very happy we made that decision. Taunee is a pro. She has all the talents we knew we needed in a great real estate agent. She knows the ins and outs of the Real Estate process and uses that knowledge to your full advantage. During the home-buying process she addressed potential problems before they even materialized and made the experience easy. Thank you, Taunee , your hard work made our home purchase exciting and amazingly stress-free.

Christian and Lisa,1st Time Home Buyers, Los Angeles

Taunee, you did a great job submitting every required document I needed in order to facilitate your letter of approval considering that it was a dead deal and together we resurrected this opportunity to make everyone else happy with a Colgate smile on their faces.

wouldn’t you agree?


Wow, Taunee You're good!

Thanks so much for the good news!, regarding quiick short sale approved from bank in under 30 days


As first time home owners buyers in one of the most unpredictable economic climates in a generation we easily could have felt too insecure to purchase a home.

Taunee literally held our hands as we navigated this complicated market and helped us find our dream house. She was there every step of the way and even to this day (months after we purchased the home) finds the time to answer my annoying emails. She is the real estate diva, use her!!

Andrew & Marcia, 1st Time HomeBuyer home,Culver City

Taunee is very knowledgeable and she patiently shared with me the entire process of selling my home on my own after the death of my husband.

I would have benefited from the prior sale of my last home had she been my Real Estate Broker at the time. She is very thorough. She researches and protects her client. Great negotiator. My house was well marketed and sold for over $40K appraised value in 17 days and she found me a beautiful replacement home for $30K under appraised value!


Thank you so much, for fighting for me and being there for me Taunee.

It’s good that you are a fighter.


Thanks Taunee for not giving up on selling my home when I did.



We’ve got approval! You saved my life! You guys really did it! You are wonderful , I thank God Zelda met you. Thank God – That was God! I was really stressing here. I’m going to give you a bigggg hug when I see you and take all of you to dinner. Thank you Thank you.


Thank you Taunee for making this so easy for me!

I am so glad to be out of that house.


Taunee English is incredible, besides being a Realtor she also does loans, but offers way more than that.

Just talk to her! She can go a long way in helping you meet your goals. She is integral, uplifting and dependable. This woman has managed millions of dollars for clients who only got wealthier.

Tamika Bridgewater

There are no twenty-six ways about it, you are the hardest working woman in real estate.

And you get things done too. Thanks for being on top of everything and fighting Ocwen on our behalf.

Annis and Harry, Buyer(downsizing), Lancaster

Dear Taunee, I write this letter to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the service your company has provided, and to say a huge thanks for making my loan and close of escrow so trouble-free.

It seems that in this day and age it is difficult to ask someone to provide a service and have them follow through with what is promised, but you have impressed me beyond my expectations. When I came to you for my house purchase and mentioned that I needed it to happen fast and without hassles, I seriously had no idea that the process would be exactly that. Not only did we close in record time but, all the other entities involved raved about how great you and your company was to deal with. The real estate agents on both sides of the sale, the escrow company and my accountant were incredibly impressed and mention to me every day that they are happy to do this again with you any time soon. So I look forward to my next real estate venture with your company and will highly recommend you to anyone I come across that is in the market for your services. Keep up the fantastic work and again, thanks for everything.


Thank you so much Taunee!

! We’ll have you over as soon as we’re settled in our new home! Thanks again for your time, effort and love with putting “this baby to sleep“”.

Alan & Lyn, 1st time Homebuyer, Sherman Oaks

Thank you for all your hard work and making it happen Taunee.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Carla O, Loss Mitigation,Chase Home Finance

Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate law: I am pleased to submit a recommendation letter for Ms.

Taunee English. As the Attorney for our mutual client, I’ve known Taunee since 2012. Since 2004, she has managed our mutual client’s trust assets that include 13 real estate properties, several businesses and partnerships, stocks and bonds, retirement assets that have an estimated value of $20 million. She has consistently exhibited a sincere dedication and knowledge to performing her fiduciary duties on the behalf of our client which reflects her 20 plus years of accounting and trust administration experience. I highly recommend Taunee.

Paul Horn

We decided to short sale with your company after we received your “Sometimes you need to Decrease in order to Increase” postcard and it will be best for our family in the long run to stop putting good money behind bad money.

Thank you Taunee for being an integral and hard working agent. We are glad you cared more about what would be in our best interests than getting your commission check sooner. There are not too many agents out there that would do what you do – which is why I am referring you to my co-workers and family.

Gil and Audrey

Having worked with a number of realtors and brokers through the years, I can without reservation recommend Taunee as undoubtedly one of the very best!

She brings a wealth of experience along with an unequaled attention to all the details that are inherent in any real estate transaction: from the purchase to the conclusion of escrow. You always know she is representing you! Her vitality and enthusiasm is refreshing. On a personal note, I thought that she was “the platinum” standard and told her so.


Taunee, you did a great job submitting every required document I needed in order to facilitate your letter of approval considering that it was a dead deal and together we resurrected this opportunity to make everyone else happy with a colgate smile on their faces.

wouldn’t you agree

G.E., Closer at Wells Fargo

Without a doubt.

You have been a great partner to work with, and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone going through this process. You have helped me a lot. When we’re done I will introduce you to a business broker in woodland hills who surely could help you. When I say thank you, I do really mean it.Thank you

Ari , Business Broker, Ventura

Taunee was a consummate professional through and through in every aspect of my home sale.

I approached her with a ridiculous timeline on a home that I was still in the process of remodeling and she never hesitated at the huge task I had put in front of her. She helped guide and focus my attention to the more important aspects of the house and helped to ensure that I achieved maximum potential from my home sale. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home. With her on my team we had an offer just 2 days after our first showing. A+++ across the board. Many thanks again Taunee!!!”

Mike Laza, Seller on 2868 N. Coolidge

Dear Taunee, I am glad to meet you today.

You are very professional realtor. It is my luck to work with you. Wish we have more deal to make.

John Zhang

You will have to let me know what to do to properly thank you for short selling my home and no money out of my pocket!

You have saved me in more ways than one. I am recommending 3 of my co-workers to you because you were a Godsend to me and my kids.


Taunee worked aggressively to sell my mom’s home located in a challenging area and in need of a lot of repair.

She was diligent and insightful, coordinated dozens of tasks with me as the out-of-state Probate Seller, managed communications with the buyer’s agent, a number of interested parties, and my Probate attorney, and handled a number of menial tasks enthusiastically. Taunee really pulled off a great transaction and her services are without question virtually priceless.


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