So you wanna leave California?

The California Exodus

Have you considered moving away from California? You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people in California, specifically Southern California have been looking to resettle in other states for reasons such as affordability, less congestion, retirement, lower tax-rates, and other state sponsored incentives.

We all know that California has a lot to offer. But when you can work virtually, sell your million-dollar home in L.A., and buy an equivalent home in Seattle, Houston, or Scottsdale for a quarter of the price, you’re probably thinking, that’s not a bad idea.

From 2016 to 2018, California had a near stagnate population growth, with no growth in 2019, and a 0.18% decline in 2020 (Macrotrends 2021).

The California Exodus This trend has been dubbed the California Exodus and is one of only a handful of times in the past century that California has seen a declining population trend.

So, is anyone moving to California? Sure! California is seeing population growth coming from overseas and more affluent homebuyers from around the country. See our eBook on which states are moving to California.

But the bottom line is, what California can’t offer homeowners other states can.

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Two Types of Sellers Leaving California

  1. Improve Quality and Affordability of Life
    California was once the tech-center as well as the ideal headquarters for companies looking to draw on the best talent. However, as technology improved and more employees are being offered the opportunity to work virtually, the high costs of living in California are no longer required for employment.Employed, self-employed, and retirees realize that the reasons for staying in California are quickly becoming challenging. What is becoming more of a realization for the modern homeowner is that they have more options to live anywhere they choose, with good public schools, better air quality and most importantly the ability to afford a much larger home in states outside of California..
  2. Retirees
    Retirees have historically chosen to move away from California to reduce their cost of living and live in relaxed retirement neighborhoods.States such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona have a wealth of retirement communities that have grown due to the California exodus and offer a variety of amenities in climates similar to California, but at a fraction of the cost.

    See Lions Realty Group’s eBook on the top states that retirees from California retire to, outside of California, or contact Lions Realty Group for more information.


Why are Californians Moving?

Making a transition to move to a new state, or even across the country is a huge decision. But every year Californians are taking the plunge as they look for more opportunity and a quality of life suitable to their needs. Among the states on this list, you will see common themes in the following pages of why Californians are moving out.

Here are the most popular reasons Californians move out of California:

  • Cost of Living In 2020 California saw the median house price jump to over $700,000 across the state. Additionally, utility costs, food costs, and gas prices are often higher than most other states on this list. Use the Cost of Living Calculator below  to compare the cost of living in two cities. The cost of living calculator will provide you with the equivalent income needed to maintain your current standard of living.
  • Taxes There are nine states in the United States with no state income tax. California is not one of them.
  • Less congestion The states on this list share the natural beauty of California without the overcrowding and massive traffic issues that lead to poor air quality and general frustration.
  • Job opportunities Like homeowners, businesses are moving away from California. These states offer job growth, and in many cases without the competition for those jobs.
  • Similarities Nobody wants to leave everything behind. These states are similar enough to California without actually being California.
  • COVID-19 California businesses were closed down for months and some profits fell as much as 90%. Business and personal relocation potentially saves businesses and homeowners from bankruptcy.

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