Helping Physically Challenged Persons Move

For physically challenged persons, moving to a new home can pose a unique set of challenges. The tips below should help everyone involved in the process to make the move easier.

  • Discuss special needs: Discuss your situation and needs with the moving company. They need to know if there is any special needs equipment that will have to be moved and if the layout of your home requires extra moving care.
    To make an accurate estimate for moving costs, the moving company will have to know these types of details so they have the right number of men and the appropriate equipment to do the move properly.
  • Pack necessities: Pack a bag with extra clothing, toiletries and any medication or equipment you may need until you’re set up in your new residence.
  • Have an assistant: Have someone present and to assist when the movers arrive.
  • Inventory belongings: Make sure all belongings are inventoried.
  • Make a clear path: Leave a clear path for the movers to use.
  • Determine furniture layout: If furniture layout is important, have someone help you map out where the movers should place the furniture in your new home. And make sure the movers leave you adequate space for getting around.
  • Be careful when moving about: Take extra care when moving around and be aware of any exposed cables or boxes that may be lying around during and after the move.
  • Organize hook-ups: Get connected before you move: make sure phone, utilities and water hook-ups are already in place when you move.