Besides having the traditional Real Estate experience, the Lions Realty Group of  Trust and Probate Real Estate Agents have experience in working closely with Probate Attorneys and assisting Executors and Administrators to successfully managing the sale of an Estate’s Real Estate Properties and the sale of any Businesses through our Business Brokerage division, The Business Caretaker.

Our Trust and Estate Administration Support service are offered as a complement to our other Real Estate and Business Brokerage services. We assist Executors, Personal Representatives, Trustees and Trust and Estate Attorneys with the many tasks associated with administering a Trust or settling an Estate including providing services such as the gathering and organizing of personal records of the deceased, handling mail and the payment of bills on behalf of the estate, Property Maintenance/Preservation and coordinating Estate Liquidation.

Taunee English, a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist  and a Senior Real Estate Specialist, with over 25 years of accounting , business management and property management experience is available to serve as Personal Representative (Executor) or Successor Trustee for established clients as well as new clients who need assistance. She has worked tirelessly for those she represents with problem solving, negotiating, managing finances, properties and business affairs.  She is also an U.S. Navy Veteran.